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Matsuya Creative is the official home of comic book artist Ben Matsuya and writer John Matsuya. If you are thinking of making a comic book and need an artist for hire, Ben Matsuya is the illustrator for you. The brothers frequently collaborate on narrative storytelling projects between freelance art projects and SEO services. They recently published their original comic Midnight Massacre (Action Lab; 2019) and received recognition for their Five In Five Movie Comic Panels (Indiewire (2017, 2018))

Work with us to get your comic book drawn and ready to publish.


Making a comic? If you need a freelance illustrator, contact artist Ben Matsuya. Browse some of our published works and see what you can expect from pencils, inks, and colors for your own project. If you're just looking for something fun to read while supporting independent storytellers, Purchase our own original comic book Midnight Massacre.

Midnight Massacre Comic Halloween

Midnight Massacre

Our original Halloween comic is on sale now. You'll get some comedy, some horror, some tricks and some treats.


Take a moment to skim through our comics blog. The Matsuya brothers cover the art, creation, and business of comics. We'll post storytelling tips, opinions, insights, career advise, reviews and art. Follow our journey as we launch our career as an artist and writers of comics and all the joys (and struggles) of being fans and creators.

comic book writing tips

Writing a Comic Book: 10 Tips & Tricks From A Comic Artist

Practical tips for writing your comic and communicating with your artist.

Ben Matsuya Art

Swipe through the image gallery to see more of Ben's art and illustrations.

Our Team

Ben Matsuya
Ben Matsuya
Comics Artist and Illustrator
John Matsuya
John Matsuya
Writer and SEO
Takeshi Iwana
Takeshi Iwana
Web developer
Matsuya Creative Ben Matsuya John Matsuya

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