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Takeshi Iwana is the founder of Prismify and is a software developer for hire. He made the site you're on right now. Web design and web application is his passion. Takeshi Iwana provides a bespoke, custom experience that caters to your specific needs and optimizes them to help your site or business. If you need help on your website or to develop a project, contact him at his site today. 


Takeshi Iwana Freelance Developer Q&A

What is your design philosophy?


What is your process? How do potential clients work with you?

My process begins with research. I want to understand your industry and competitors. Who are the leaders in your space and how can we create a website or app that will provide you with long term conversions? Understanding your business, motivations, and customers allows me to build a framework of suggestions for your site's interface. This usually beings with an interview and a customer walkthrough of how you imagine the user first interacting with your site. I will take these notes and provide suggestions and data to make sure that the steps matches with the end goal. We start with the goal, analyze the steps and provide solutions.

Then we move over to design and development. I'll provide you with mockups and designs of your major pages and we will work on work flow goals and tasks together. Collaboration is one of my favorite parts of freelance work. Here, I will serve in a project management role, delivering the tasks as they appear. Finally, after all of the designs have been approved, we go into the development phase. I provide preview links on a pre-determined schedule, so you can see your site build on a Q.A. site and make modifications before we launch.

What kind of tools do you use?

For design, I use:


Adobe XD

For development, I use:

Visual Studio Code

Vercel (formerly ZEIT)

What are some of your favorite resources and project?

Visual Studio Code. DX it makes it very good. 


Type Script





Programming languages and Skill Sets:

Primary: Javascript (Node.js)

Elixer Phoenix

Html CSS


Relational databases


Adobe Photoshop


The amount of time and investment you put into building a website is time well-spent. Takeshi Iwana considers your site's goals holistically and develops the best user experience possible for both your subscribers and your staff. For a full stack web developer and engineer who communicates on both a technical and a consumer level, contact me.

Freelance Web Developer New Mexico

As a resident of Farmington, New Mexico, Takeshi Iwana loves local business . If you're in the New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah area, he is here for your small businesses. Takeshi has a "Four Corners" discount if your business is located in the American Southwest. In addition, he will gladly give you a discount if you are a veteran (with valid proof). Contact him today and mention where your company is and he is happy to look into revising the hour rate.

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